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Suit up. Get paid. Try not to die.

Climb into an exo-suit designed by an empire that actively hates you. Survive a world that's probably trying to kill you. Kill tyrants. Save people. Change things up.

AEGIS is a love-letter tabletop RPG to LUMEN and looter-shooters like Anthem.

Art created by: @JNButlerArt

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Unfortunately the v1 rules are incomplete, and the render the game unplayable. 

There is no description of what primer, detonator, combo or multiplier actually mean, mechanically, and the numbers next to the 'systems' in the character sheets are left unexplained. 

Additionally 'combo' sometimes replaces 'multiplier' when comparing the character sheets to the main rules. 

The shroud has a system that involves 'sacrificing a skill point', that is the only reference to any kind of skill point. This possibly is supposed to refer to an attribute point.

There is a progression system based on earning 'marks', a currency, but the only thing it can be spent on is adding or removing 'tags' from your weapons which feels like a very minor upgrade.

There's a reference to increasing attributes and improving your Aegis when during character creation ("When you make it back, we’ll see about your pay. Tuning up your Aegis, getting new Weapons, hell, maybe even training your Attributes.") but there is no system to do either.

Other than that, I really like the look and feel of the game. The character sheets look great

If these issues are fixed, I think it would be worth the $15. Until then I'd look elsewhere.

is this similar to Warframe

Hi. How many pages the game has?


Excluding the title-page and table of contents, there are 46 pages of content in the core rulebook, with 4 class-specific character sheet pages bringing the total to 50 pages.


Thank you.